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JSL wants to be a leader in all kinds of Oil and Chemical storage fields.

We measure our progress by criteria such as performance, function, quality, reliability, and service. We want to be the best partner for customers in every field.

The standards we set for ourselves represent our vision.

our vision


Core Values ​​# 1 Personal Value and Integrity
As a recognized pioneer in the industry, we adhere to high standards of ethics and norms and are committed to the safety and health of our personnel.

Core Value # 2 Pursue Excellence
We believe in relentless pursuit of excellence in the implementation process, work with a sense of urgency, innovation and passion. Excellence is always our goal. Our success as individuals and organizations depends on whether we can continue to bring this value to life.

Core Values ​​# 3 Continuous learning and progress
Continuous learning and progress requires realizing our full potential as individuals and organizations. We should all desire to learn – and share knowledge and experience with each other.Cultivating a progressive culture will have a direct and positive impact on our ultimate success.

Core Values ​​# 4-Be brave
Being brave means being able to lead, execute and take risks for our business. Courage requires us to stick to the right things, boldly point out and make difficult decisions for the long-term development of the company when there are errors.

Core Values ​​# 5-Customer First and Partnership
To predict the needs of customers requires a deep understanding of the problems faced by customers, can listen carefully and pursue comprehensive solutions. We continually challenge ourselves to add real value to our customers’ business and use internal and external feedback to guide our product development and form solutions for our customers.


1. Provide high-tech, value-for-money, high-quality products and services for energy infrastructure of major projects.
2. Satisfy customers
3. Work safely
4. Sustained profit


24/7 availability

We are committed to providing the best customer service to answer your inquiries and solve your problems

No hidden cost

All prices are presented transparently to you to ensure the accuracy of your budget

Certified Mechanics

We ensure the authenticity and validity of the various certificates provided,make you no worries when using the product

Affordable prices

While ensuring product quality, we provide customers with the most cost-effective prices and services.

Our Certificates



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