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Blocked Anti-explosion Material

Anti-explosion Material

The explosion-proof principle of blocking explosion-proof materials:
1. Physical Principle

Flame retardation effect, flame propagation is similar to fluid flow, one of the factors that affect the flame propagation speed is its resistance to propagation, the pores of the explosion suppression material determine the resistance, the propagation speed of large pores becomes faster, the propagation speed of small pores becomes slow, and the pores are small To a certain extent, the flame propagation can be stopped. The effect of this flame propagation being hindered by the pores of the material is called the barrier of the material.

Heat conduction effect

During the propagation of the explosion flame, as the heat is quickly absorbed and dissipated by the material with a large surface area, the flame propagation intensity is reduced, so the energy decreases gradually until the flame is extinguished.

2. Chemical explanation

Free radical ‘wall adsorption effect’

The mixed explosion is a chain reaction of free radicals, the reaction speed is limited by the number of free radicals in a unit volume, and free radicals can be adsorbed by the wall surface ‘impurities’ and ‘wall’ materials, this ‘wall adsorption’ effect is reduced The number of free radicals in a unit volume.

The larger the surface area of ​​the ‘wall’ and the more ‘impurities’, the greater the chance of free radicals to ‘absorb the wall’, so the less the number of free radicals per unit volume, the number of free radicals participating in the combustion reaction is reduced, inhibiting combustion The speed of the explosion reaction until the reaction is interrupted.

Cooling effect

Can the heat generated by combustion further increase the reaction temperature and speed up the reaction until it deflagrates and explodes. Blocking the thermal conductivity of the explosion-proof material has the effect of dissipating heat and lowering the temperature. This “cooling effect” suppresses the rise in temperature and the acceleration of the reaction speed, making it impossible to form a deflagration.

aluminium net explosion-proof material

Advantages of mesh aluminum alloy filler

Long life and easy maintenance;

Good compatibility with oil products;

Good thermal conductivity; no pollution after scrapping;

Lightweight; low cost;

However, relative to the aluminum alloy material, its own volume and the adsorption residue of fuel take up part of the available device capacity

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