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Mobile fuel station container

The Containerized mobile fuel station is also called a Mobile filling station. It is a ground-mounted mobile station that integrates oil storage tanks, fuel dispensers, video surveillance, and explosion-proof technology. By filling explosion-proof material in a certain density way to fill the storage tank that stores flammable and explosive liquid, there will be no explosion accidents when encountering open flames, static electricity, impact, lightning strikes, gunshots, welding, accidental violent impact accidents.

The characteristics of this mobile filling station container are:

  1. Fire and explosion protection,
  2. Environmental protection,
  3. Easy migration.
Mobile fuel station components


The products are widely used in bus stations, ports, docks, airports, large construction sites, and internal fuel stations in enterprises.

The mobile fuel station is designed with safety and mobility as its core concept. This kind of fuel station is small in size and occupies less space. It is easy to install and can be migrated as a whole. After the migration, the equipment is not damaged, and the value can be maintained economically; this oil station is equipped with many safety components.

This Portable mobile filling station is equipped with a first-class oil recovery device. The double-walled storage tank eliminates leakage and pollution factors. The monitor of the storage tank interlayer improves leakage monitoring. The mobile filling station is designed to ensure safety and environmental performance.

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