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S&F double wall storage tank

S&F double-wall storage tank

S&S double wall storage tank

S&S double-wall storage tank

The characteristics of the double-wall tank

1. Safety characteristics: The double-layer structure has strong corrosion resistance and electric corrosion resistance; patented technology is adopted between the double layers to achieve a gap of 3.5mm, to prevent the existence of hidden dangers from the root cause;

2. Environmental protection characteristics: ordinary single-layer steel storage tanks will be eroded by groundwater and electrolytically corroded because they are buried underground all the year-round;

(1) Double-layer structure with a 3.5mm gap in it, and the outer FRP ensures that the leaked material will not directly leak the polluted soil and water source;

(2) The outer FRP will not cause electrolytic corrosion with groundwater, brine, etc .;

(3) The leak detector can be monitored 24 hours a day to eliminate potential pollution hazards;

(4) The outer FRP will not corrode with gasoline, diesel, and leaded gasoline;

(5). The leakage detection system facilitates the detection and maintenance of storage tanks and protects the original ecological environment of the soil.

double wall oil tank structure

3. Economic characteristics: The high safety and high environmental performance of the double-layer storage tank also indirectly reduces the user’s cost of use. After using this product, it is not necessary to build an underground oil storage room. The storage tank can be directly buried underground for use. S / F The service life of the double-layer storage tank is 3-5 times that of the ordinary storage tank, which can guarantee at least 30 years of safe use.

(1) The maintenance requirement of the double-layer storage tank is 1/10 of the ordinary storage tank, which greatly saves the maintenance investment cost;

(2) The efficient use of double-layer storage tanks greatly protects and saves energy, and avoids serious losses caused by energy leakage.

(3) The utilization rate of the double-layer storage tank is greatly improved compared with the single-layer storage tank, which ensures the high-efficiency use of the equipment and the cost-effective product;

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